A City Boy
Well that’s it then.

So I said yesterday I would not use this blog as a ‘what I’ve done today.’ It turns out, however, that in fact my brain has very little to offer my fellow blogging world.

So here’s what I’ve done today:

  • I left the SU, (I am counting that as today, as it was 1 in the morning) I got back to Louise’s and there was a massive party going on upstairs. DISRESPECTFUL LITTLE FUCKS. Said party finally finished at 5am, and after police intervention. Some people have literally no consideration for others. Pillocks.
  • Woke up about 12, and did nothing. It was bliss as anyone who knows me, will be aware of how stupidly busy I have been lately!

And that’s it. Perfect Sunday!

Tom’s lesson of the day: Cold coffee isn’t nice

Tom’s final thought: Did the first human have a belly button?

Well Hello There

So, I have decided to buck to the ever growing trend of university and get one of these tumblr thingy majiggies. Firstly, my name here is oldtommy, I stole this from Newby, I feel he should be honoured. Secondly, I have linked this to facebook, and I hope, like Newby’s blog, this will provide entertainment whilst readers empty their bottoms.

I need to decide the general theme for my blog, from what I have seen from various others, they are used for one of three things; 1 - to moan about how bad the authors life is. 2 - Moan about members of the opposite sex involved with the author. 3 - Describe in mind numbing detail the activities of the authors life.

I hope this will be none of the above, for at least some time anyway. Purely because I attempt to be happy, therefore I don’t want to spend time wallowing on the less positive points of life.

Tom’s lesson of the day: It’s wrong for a couple to wee together.

Tom’s final thought: If you fart whilst travelling the speed of sound, will you smell it before you hear it?